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The Best Woodworking Books and Tools for Mastering Your Skill

When I was starting out in Woodworking, I wanted to find reference material that could help me learn this great skill. This is why I have put together this blog to help others looking to get started as a beginner in Woodworking. After putting together the list below of the Woodworking books that I used when getting started - with my key points listed and recommendations included - you can then look at each one and see which one will work best for you!

Did you know that there is a Free E-book that you can download now which I would highly recommend to get started today? This is the book that I refer to the most as It covers all the aspects of Woodworking.

Woodworking Skills

Although the skill level of absolute novice and master craftsman are many, at some point, everyone starts as a beginner. For example, your first workshop may consist of a few tools and a small space. Even with meagre knowledge of the skill and basic tools, impressive results can still be achieved from home or workshop.

It takes a certain level of skill to make furniture. You may have some experience in this skill, but you'll still need to brush up on your skills from time-to-time. There are always new tips and tricks that can change how someone approaches their new project. Even highly skilled craftsmen will want to brush up on their basics every now and then, so they're aware of any new technologies that can change how they approach their projects.

Safety is the most important thing to think about when you start woodworking. All of these woodworking books listed here, which are written for beginners, cover safety in detail.

The basics of the skill are included in all woodworking books. For example, the best woodworking books and video‚Äôs include the kinds of tools needed, the differences types of wood, or the basic terminology used by woodworking professionals. The best and most helpful woodworking resource for beginners contain clear and concise descriptive woodwork plans for you to follow. 

My Top 3 Recommended Woodworking Books 

This Free E-book woodworking book contains 440 pages of really useful woodworking tips, and tips to get you started, or build on your knowledge whatever your skill level. This book contains something for everyone including great extras like Garage and Workshop layouts. The E-Book also contains 40 step by step plans that you can start today, and you only require a few tools. You can start with easy projects like a bird feeder or more difficult projects like making your own woodworking bench, and deluxe tool chest as you progress.

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  • Workshop Essentials
  • Woodworking Skills & Tools
  • Wood Joinery
  • Cutting, Shaping and Drilling
  • Wood Sanding, and Finishing 
  • Clamping, Wood Gluing, and Fastening

This book features contains 1200 step by step illustrations, and 480 pages of useful instructions and diagrams for you to following. There is also 40 woodworking project plans to match every skill levels to begin with.  This beginners woodworking book is designed for people with a few tools starting out, and feature 14 project that you can start with very little tools.

There are some simple project that you can start off with like the a wooden box, or try something harder like a set of nesting tables. 

Woodworking for Dummies contains all you need to get started in woodworking. It has information on what tools to use, and the different types of wood. They include extra's like sanding and gluing.  This is a useful reference pack of information for beginner woodworkers with some advanced tips. Includes how-to photos and illustrations for you to following.

Top 10 Beginner Woodworking Tools 

I found this video really helpful when picking the next woodworking tool to purchase. It gives you a list of the top ten tools to purchase with an explanation of what they do, and with some recommendations as well.  The part that I found useful was the advice around if you are going cordless to pick a brand and use their product range. As I have found out that batteries and chargers can be as expensive as the power tools themselves. I have put together a list of the tools that I have and would recommend below with some links to help you get started.

1. Ryobi Cordless 18v Combi Drill and impact Driver Starter Kit

2. Ryobi Cordless Circular Saw

3. F Type Clamps 12 Peace 

4. Ryobi Cordless 18v Mitre Saw

5. Ryobi Cordless 18v Planer

6. Multi-Purpose Table Saw


Woodworking Tips & Tricks for Beginners 

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