The Best Woodworking Books and Tools for Mastering Your Skill

Choosing the right woodworking book can be difficult, but this blog will help you make the right choice. We have compared the top 5 best woodworking books so that you have all the information you need to select the right book for you. 

People have different pass times, sports, painting or reading. There is however a special group of people who would prefer to stay home and create magnificent pieces out of wood.

These are the woodworking enthusiasts; they are not necessarily expert carpenters but people with a distinct partiality for woodworking. They utilize special books that offer insight into different woodworking techniques.

There are different wood working books but selecting the best woodworking books and tools for mastering your skill might prove daunting but we will delve deeper to offer insight on the subject.

The Benefits of Using WoodWorking Books

You might want to practice woodworking but lack the necessary skills. A woodworking book offers the right information about the craft. You can create some amazing pieces with just information from a book without ever stepping into carpentry class.

Why Do These Books Help?

They are authored by experienced carpenters, highly informed researchers, and are well thought out. You can research the author's expertise before buying.


The prices of these books are based on the number of pages and the preference of the author.

Why Do People Purchase Woodworking Books?

The most obvious reason people buy woodworking books is to gain knowledge on the craft and hone their skills. The books are also perfect gifts for technically oriented recipients.

1. The Complete Book of Woodworking

This book features some 40 projects distributed out in 480 pages. The 1,200 explicitly described instructions place this book at the very top in terms of reliability and consumer experience.

Unlike other books, it works best for both beginners and experienced woodworkers. Customer reviews rank it very high. For beginners, it offers the perfect learning tool as you progress to higher levels in the craft. Some of the skills novices can expect to learn include.

  • The basic design principles
  • How to handle tools
  • Basic skills to set up shop

Several very informative woodworking techniques to improve your skills.

The various projects are well structured to serve as learning tools. Every step in the project is well explained with even the measurement and materials mentioned.

The professional woodworkers involved in the book’s preparation offer great insight to readers. They present to readers multiple woodworking tips they have pecked along their careers. They have put a lot of emphasis on personal safety and product quality.

These are very crucial skills for people looking to set up shop. The experience these men and women bring to the table is surely worth your time.

The book also serves experienced woodworkers as an opportunity to gain insight into what other experts are doing and maybe improve on their craft.

There are some tips on jigs and joints and how to fine-tune your pieces. The author is a well-acclaimed woodworking educationist with so much to offer.

2. The Art of Woodworking

This 440-page woodworking guide offers the perfect learning tool for anyone and in the most basic language. It offers tips on several aspects of the woodworking craft.

  • You will learn basic workshop skills.
  • It presents information on some basic woodworking skills and tools.
  • Several pages are fully dedicated to the art of measuring, marking, and advanced layout.
  • If you have trouble cutting and drilling the book will offer the necessary tips.
  • The book explains even some complex skills like joinery.

This book contains something for everyone including great extras like Garage and Workshop layouts. The Free E-Book also contains 40 step by step plans that you can start today, and you only requires a few tools. You can start with easy projects like a bird feeder or more difficult projects like making your own woodworking bench, and deluxe tool chest as you progress.

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3. Build Staff With Wood

The idea to set up a woodworking shop is most of the time squashed by the thought of buying heavy machinery. It is the norm that for a woodworking shop to be considered up to the task it must harbor some very sophisticated machinery and tools.

The mention of the cost of these machines is enough to make a weak man throw his woodworking dreams out the window. The high cost and lack of funding make a woodworking venture too expensive for the ordinary man.

This however does not have to be the case; you can create a worthwhile woodworking shop without all those machines mentioned in equipment magazines. Wondering how? Build Staff with wood offers the perfect answer.

With the insight provided in this book, you can set up an economical shop with the capability to produce some world-class wood pieces. Asa Christina, the author had the beginner woodworker in mind as she drafted this book.

It is a best seller in the furniture world and renowned industry players have praised its tips. It puts a lot of emphasis on woodworking using basic tools. The tips she offers can be very useful to the practitioner without access to sophisticated equipment.

Whats inside

Within the pages are some 14 projects with tips on how to create some magnificent treasures with just the basic tools like saws and drills.

Later in the book, you will find projects that are a little harder and require more advanced tools, it is presumed that as you progress in skill you will acquire some mid-level tools. The book describes the usefulness of each tool and some tips about it.

4. WoodWorking For Dummies

As the name suggests, the book is meant to serve three clueless woodworkers. It clearly explains every detail about every aspect of the craft in a language anyone can grasp.

It even describes even the basic steps like sanding, filling, and how to use wood glue. If you are coming across woodworking for the first time, this book is a perfect fit for you.

5. Making Authentic Craftsman Furniture

This book was authored by none other than Gustav Stickley, one of the most respected and acclaimed woodworking publishers of all time.

He lays out step-by-step plans for some of his most iconic pieces, some basic and others quite complex. The book is structured to serve both novices and experts in the craft.

 We have compared the top 5 of the best Woodworking books so that you have all the information you need to select the right book for you

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