A good corded drill is an ideal tool to have handy when it comes to tackling all-day woodwork projects. With a proper attachment, you can drill all kinds of holes, drive nails and screws, pull out screws, mix liquids including paints and sand, or buff rough materials. Although cordless drills can be the most easily portable, they cannot beat the best corded drills when it comes to speed, power, and longevity in working without replacing or recharging a battery.

However, not all corded drills are the same, as they differ in size, speed, power, among other features making them ideal for various tasks. Due to various versions and brands of corded drills in the market today, choosing a good corded drill is almost impossible, especially when you want to use them for woodworking. But luckily, the article has outlined the best corded drills to consider in your next purchase.

Looking for the Best Corded Drill? Our page highlights 8 of the best on sale today and explains why they great for woodworking and everyday use.

Looking for the Best Corded Drill? Our page highlights 8 of the best on sale today and explains why they great for woodworking and everyday use.

1.Black Decker DR260C corded drill for woodworking

If you need a corded drill with enough power for use in hardwood, this is the ideal drill for you. The unit drills well with RPMS ranging from zero to 1500, enough to drill even the harder woods. Moreover, this drill comes with an onboard bit storage which will make your workshop life easier. This is the most budget-friendly drill in the market, featuring a fast drilling speed. It also comes with a comfortable non-slip grip for easy working.

2.Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Corded SDS hammer drill

For tough tasks, Bosch bulldog never disappoints. It uses the SDS chuck, making its bit firm without slipping off even under high pressure. It features an auxiliary handle that grants it greater control and a D handle for extra grip. Its 8amp motor produces 300 RPM and five thousand eight hundred beats per minute; hence will drill to hard material with ease.

3.Dewalt DWD115K mid handle grip corded drill

This corded drill comes with sufficient power to work on any wood kind. It features an eight amp motor that provides up to 2500 RPMs, enough to drill even dense woods. In addition, it has a keyless chuck, which makes it stable while drilling. Using this drill is comfier than any other, thanks to its mid-handle grip design.

4.Makita 6407

This is the best lightweight corded drill out there. With only 3lbs, this drill is lightweight, minimizing hand fatigue while in use. Additionally, this unit operates quietly hence no unnecessary noise while working. Generally, it is both gentle to your hand and ears. Besides that, this drill comes with a two-finger trigger that eases its operation and offers variable speed settings ranging from Zero to 2500 rpm. Uniquely, the drill has a recessed lock-on button to hold the trigger in long continuous use, plus a reversing switch for versatile usage in removing and driving screws.

5.Dewalt DW130V

If you need the best high torque drill, then Dewalt DW130 is your ideal choice. While this drill features a low maximum speed, it has a powerful 9 amp motor. Rather than its speed, the motor's output is controlled for precision drilling and prevents air bubbles while mixing. Its soft-grip handle grants the user a firm grip while using. Besides that, the drill gives a two-position rear space handle and three-position side handles for a comfy holding and drills accurate positioning.

6.Skil 6335-02

For an easy to control cordless drill, Skil 6335-02 is the ideal choice. Skil allows for easy control as you can hold it at the right spot for proper drilling thanks to its built-in assist handle. The handle is easily adjustable for a comfy holding in whichever position. From r more control, this gadget comes with a fitted variable speed trigger large enough to accommodate two fingers for easy usage.

7.Ridgid R7111 ½ Inch Vsr Corded Drill

With a 360 degrees auxiliary handle, woodworkers always find it easy to reposition at any angle while drilling the word. An ½ Inch Vsr Ridgid R7111 is a speed reliable corded drill with variable triggers for managing speeds. You can plugin to a continuous supply of power through its cord and attend your work without delays. Indeed, the performance of An ½ Inch Vsr Ridgid R7111 Corded Drill is awesome with its 8AMP motor.

8.Metabo HPT D10VH2 Corded Drill

Metabo HPT D10VH2 Corded Drill is a woodwork tool; every woodworker shouldn’t miss it out. It operates at a maximum torque of 133.7 lbs and with a speed of 2700 RPM. Its weight of 3.2lbs makes it easy for the user to navigate weightless over different woodworks. Metabo HPT D10VH2 Corded Drill never disappoints in delivering the workforce as a powerful motor of 7 Amp powers the drilling process. With the variable speed trigger, controlling the penetrations on the wood and speed regulations is made easy.

Benefits of using a corded drill

  • Corded drills tend to be more powerful than wireless ones.
  • They provide a lot of torque and faster speed; therefore, they can drill large holes and drive big screws without complications.
  • Since they do not rely on a battery charge, they reduce downtime and maximize productivity.
  • The corded drills do not need extra space for a battery; hence are lightweight than their cordless counterparts.

Converting a Corded Drill to a Press or Pillar Drill.

Sometimes in woodworking it is required to drill holes accurately and with precision, and this is why people use a pillar or press drill. These are great for cutting with circular saw drill bit for the prefect hole. You can purchase these on their own but they are expensive, and they can also take a lot of valuable space in your workshop. Now you can purchase this press stand below which allows you to use your corded drill as a press or pillar drill.

Drill Press Stand Table for Drill Workbench

Reasons why people use them instead of cordless drills

While both drills perform the same work, people prefer corded drills because of their ability to generate more power for hard woodwork.


Corded drills are the best drills out there. They are lightweight and more powerful than a cordless drill. However, choosing a good corded drill is somehow challenging with the several brands and versions in the market. While you will have to consider the brand, price, and quality, the above list of drills makes the best drills out there.

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